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Odsherred is a peninsula in the north-western part of the island Zealand (Sjælland) in Denmark.

The peninsula is bound together by the railroad Odsherredsbanen, which runs through the most important towns such as which created the frame for regional justice and possibly also for recruitment of soldiers to the national army and fleet.

You can say that they somehow correspond to today's counties.Odsherred was only one out of many of such The first habitations in Odsherred reach back to the stone age.The original Dragsholm Castle was built around 1215 by the Bishop of Roskilde.During the Middle Ages, the building was modified from the original palace to a fortified castle.In 1694, Dragsholm Castle was sold to the nobleman Frederik Christian Adeler (1668-1726) and finally rebuilt as the baroque castle we see today. Zytphen Adeler, who took the initiative to drain the Lammefjord.

Several owners from that family have made a lasting imprint on the development, including G. The family line became extinct in 1932, and Dragsholm Castle passed over to the Central Land Board which sold the place to J. Bøttger, but only with the land belonging to the main estate.Today, Dragsholm Castle has restaurant and hotel facilities.Prior to the damming of Lammefjord, Odsherred was connected to the rest of Zealand by a narrow stretch.During the Count's Feud (1534–36) (Grevens Fejde) it was so strong that it was the only castle on Zealand to withstand the armies of Count Christoffer.In connection with the Reformation, Dragsholm was passed on to the Crown.Numerous witnesses and psychics have claimed that there are three ghosts who are residents at the castle: a grey lady, a white lady and Lord Bothwell.